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Looking at the present moment, we are memorising the past.

By looking at photographs of the past, we are balanced between the past, present and the future. A time comes, stays briefly and is gone. As do so many things on Earth.


My project is germane to time and nature. Flowers that arrive at different periods of a calendar year are emblematic of time. The relation of flowers and time inspired me to create project '12' through scannography. By capturing a moment of a flower’s time, the scans come to be a part of the time, and a preservation of fast-disappearing beauty. 

The representation of nature in landscape drone photography offers opportunities to see beyond available viewpoints, extending our contemplation of scenery and understanding of what humans have been surrounded with in everyday life. 

The concept of this series is questioning the attitude to, preservation, and the uses of slag heaps in the UK. The further objective is to critically consider ways in which the legacy of the coal mining industry is preserved with conservation of slag heaps. 

By protecting this human-made land future, generations are forced to note the impact of human actions and its legacy as marked within our environment and to consider the implication of past and present socio-economic decisions

We live, we travel, we discover, we imagine and fall into our dreams.

By allowing ourselves to be free in a world of dreams, you might then just wake up to a contented future.


Let your imagination create within a canvas of these images.

Look at them, they have no name but why do you think that is?


The intention of this project is to keep the subject open to discussion and speculate over the images and what they may represent.

Whenever I get a chance to look at the pictures, I always seem able to rediscover a new meaning all over again. I find new visions either of my past but most of the times of my desired future.

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